[Viral Vids] The Queen of Covers and Ali Cover “Billie Jean”, Remind Me Why I’m Still Into Korean Music

Navi is one of my all time favorite Korean singers and one that I’ve had the pleasure of discovering on my own. I have a really big soft spot for her, because aside from the fact that I adore her for her talent, she is kind of one of the reasons that I began really appreciating the raw talent in Korean singers. She’s one of the reasons why I’m so hell bent in critiquing the hell out of K-Pop, because when such a humble human being as her can belt out some of the most magical tunes ever and capture my heart without being a mainstream idol, that speaks volumes. Hipster talk? Sure. But it’s true and there aren’t many mainstream singers today that have had nearly as strong an impact on me as an indie goddess as she has. And I know I’m not alone in this, seeing as you guys chose her album ‘Hello’ as Reader’s Choice for Best Album of 2011. But this post is a little bit more than just Navi. It’s also about the amazing Ali, who I have dreadfully never mentioned on McRoth’s Residence til now. She, just like Navi, hits me where it matters most, and when I came across this duet performance (THE FEELS), it reminded me exactly why I’m still in this whole Korean pop thing and why I became so invested in it to begin with: the magic of raw talent.

Experience an onslaught of awesome below, as Navi, the Queen of Covers, and Ali sing Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean“, which is so effing brilliant, that I think I can live off of this performance alone and never touch another Korean song ever again.

… okay, don’t go quoting me on that.



8 thoughts on “[Viral Vids] The Queen of Covers and Ali Cover “Billie Jean”, Remind Me Why I’m Still Into Korean Music

  1. Meant to post this ages ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, check this gorgeous collabo with Ali, Navi and TomTom (IU’s vocal trainer). It’s a cover of an older song by Shin Seung-hun – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufnhMqiH-os

    It’s not in this video (or any video I could find right now) but they also did this gorgeous a capella bit at the beginning that absolutely slayed. If you can find the full episode of this, it’s definitely worth the effort.

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