K-Town Recap: Episode 7, “General Joe Cha”

Last week, we left things on a high note, as Juicy Joe invited Young to perform at his Belasco event on Saturday, which he’d been slaving to promote all episode long.

Finally, today is the big day. Will Young impress the world with his mad skills? Or will things go batshit crazy before he gets the chance?

Let’s find out!

Episode 7: “General Joe Cha”


Right off the bat, Joe is stressed the hell out, as he and the rest of the gang are already late to set up for the Belasco party. Joe jumps right in and starts explaining where the guests will be lined up and how tables will be set up outside of the club, but as usual, everyone else couldn’t give two shits. They make their way into the venue, which is pretty damn beautiful and huge and classy, I have to say. Joe starts designating duties to everyone, as it seems that it’ll only be them running this thing. Scarlet is to go-go dance, since she used to be a stripper in her day, which she’s probably not okay with but Joe doesn’t care because he has other pressing shit to get to. Violet will help out with bartending, Steve and Cammy will lend a hand to VIP services, and Young is given a free pass to rehearse for his performance (how kind, Joe). Jasmine will work hair and makeup in the green room and Jowe will help him with the guest list.


As Joe continues the run down through the club, Scarlet start uttering out dumb questions, which don’t land too softly on Joe, who breaks and starts yelling at her to save the stupid-ass questions for the end of the tour. Scarlet asks why he’s yelling at her (another stupid question) and if he can say sorry, which he answers, “sorry about what? You’re acting like a kid. Let me go through the walk-through first, and then I’ll answer your guys’ questions, can we do that?” Persistent Scarlet then reminds Joe that they’re doing this “pro bono” for him and that she doesn’t appreciate his tone, so he apologies and presses her to flood him with her questions.

Joe: “Okay, I’m sorry. What do you wanna know? Do you wanna know your sets?”
Scarlet: “Um … well, I wanna know -”
Joe: “Do you wanna know your songs?!”
Scarlet: “…”
Joe: “When I tell you to go up on the stage you’ll go up on stage.”
Scarlet: “Where do I go to get ready??”
Joe: “In the green room.”
Scarlet: “Where’s that??”
Joe: “It’s down stairs. We haven’t even done the walk-through yet.”
Scarlet: “Okay!”
Joe: “Anything else?”

He points to Steve to keep his shit together too, and carries on. A fuming Joe walks the gang into a ballroom real quick, and then takes them into yet another hidden chamber in this ginormous venue where Young and the other dances will rehearse for the party.


They finally make it back to the main hall, where Steve tries asking what his job is again, who is shot down with a “shut the fuck up” from Joe. Joe tells him that he doesn’t know how hard it is to pull these things off and that he would be taking this shit more seriously if he did. Steve is not to drink all night, “Cammy, you make sure he don’t drink,” and just like that they start setting everything up.

Insert gratuitous montage of everyone hard at work … kinda.


Later, Jowe has a one on one with Joe, who lets out some steam about Scarlet acting like a petulant child who can’t respect him enough to get it together. Steve walks in and asks what else he can help with, so Joe sends him off on an errand in Jowe’s car, which Jowe’s reluctant to let him take at first but gives in and complies.

Moments later Joe and Jowe are rolling out a red carpet outside while the girls are standing around, harping behind them and pointing out everything wrong with it. As usual, Scarlet starts commenting on how tacky and filthy the carpet is, and Joe loses it.


Joe rolls up the red carpet and drags it inside, telling everyone that because this shit is not good enough for Scarlet they won’t use it. Scarlet continues to be dumb, and at this point Joe’s just over it. Over the mic pinned on his shirt. Over Scarlet. Over it. So he blows up on her.

They go back and forth over everything to the point that Joe tells Scarlet that he would rather not have her go on stage at all, so Scarlet grabs her shit and leaves. Scarlet slips into a huge backpack, looking like she’s ready to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or something, and walks away.

“This has turned into a complete disaster,” Cammy says, and the episode ends.


Um, while I find the lifestyle shown on this show pretty hilarious and ridiculous on its own, I find it even more irritating when these people start acting stupid for acting stupid’s sake, and that’s exactly what this entire episode covered. It wasn’t fun and it wasn’t exactly eventful.

Joe’s frustration and stress levels were completely understandable from the first few minutes, as was his outbursts throughout the episode, so I don’t blame him for wanting to kill everyone in their sleep.

We’ll finally have a taste of the actual Belasco party next week, where we’ll see if Scarlet and Joe can make amends after the way things left off here. How do you think things will turn out after this? The teaser shows Scarlet’s go-go dancing and shit, so they made it work somehow, I’m just curious to see what she did to get back on Joe’s good side.

See you guys next week for another K-Town recap!

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