[Review] [Single] FT Island – “Top Secret”

written by: McRoth

This isn’t the easiest thing to say, considering that I entered the FT Island fandom during their Korean activities, but their work in Japan is now my favorite to listen to. I’m pretty excited that they’re still there, being creative, and releasing music that is insurmountably better than their work in K-Pop (to me, anyway), and I have no shame saying it.

Recently, the crew released “Top Secret“, their latest Japanese single consisting of two B-side tracks and the single.

I’ve come to the point in my FTI appreciation where I’m generally at ease every time that FT Island releases music. I don’t exactly expect it to be epic, but I know it will be satisfying. I trust their taste and I trust their style, and that’s something that I can’t say, if at all of any other Korean idol group.

So does FT Island keep this trend up with the release of “Top Secret”? Is grass green and the sky blue?

[tweetmeme] “Top Secret” is a bit different from the group’s past Japanese releases in that it’s not as gimmicky and not nearly as drenched in mainstream appeal as I remember their music being. Well, let me rephrase that: it leans less on FT Island’s pop side and rolls a little harder into their alternative rock one, which is a particular style that I had been missing in their music.

This entire package has an aggressive, almost eerie tone to it that brings the 90s and early 2000’s alternative rock to mind. It’s moody and harder-edged than I’ve heard from FT Island and I’m quite excited by this.

“Top Secret”, the song, is definitely more polished – it is a single – but on the whole I really enjoy how effortless it sounds. The guitar riff plays really well as the lead vocal (Hongki) glides through the verses, who leaves bits of room for the guitar to shine when it wants to, and lets loose at the chorus. If there’s anything to nitpick, I’d say that the guitar gets a bit out of hand past the second verse, where it pretty much rails right over everything. I find that the B-sides leave a little more to enjoy and provide a lot of interesting musical construction next to this. For a single, though, “Top Secret” is one of FT Island’s best so far and shows a style that I feel works for them right now.


Like I said, the B-side is where the money is at on this single album. “Beloved” (listen here), composed by my beloved Jae Jin, is a mellow mid-tempo track rife with swelling vocals and broad phrasing. Jae Jin and Hongki have learned how to hand off verses to each other with ease and they do a really well job of it here. On top of that, there’s a sense of fearlessness in the execution of this song. Jae Jin and Hongki pour their heart and soul into every measure whilst guitarists Jonghun and Seunghyun attack every riff with an equal amount of invested aggression.

It’s dark and pressing, but it’s interesting to hear FT Island be this expressive without sounding angsty. It’s like a grown-up angst, so to speak, and it’s intriguing considering that they seem to be overtly moody in their recent K-Pop music, like “Hello Hello” and “Severely“, where the explosion of feels is more forced than it is self detonated. Is it that the Korean market tends to be a lot more calculating on how the audience should react to a song than just letting it happen naturally? Or is K-Pop that manufactured to the point of being devoid of all emotional expression? Food for thought and probably another article, I suppose.

Here“, the third song on this singles release, is a pleasant closing number that radiates. Just radiates. Never in my stay with FT Island have I been so moved by such a powerful song of theirs as this one, and I don’t even know what they’re singing (I should look into that).

Jae Jin once said in an interview that I’ve lost all detail to except this one quote, that one day he’d like to be the lead vocalist of FT Island. This was during Hongki’s leave for his K-drama “You’re Beautiful” and Jae Jin was front man of FT Triple, an FT Island sub-unit without Hongki and Seunghyun (who was busy filming some variety show). The idea must have sprouted as he began experimenting as a singer, and if the day ever came when Hongki departed and the group was still intact, I would be saddened first, but welcoming of the change as well. The vocal trade offs are so smooth these days, that it’s almost like they’re easing us in to what may very well become a reality in the group.

“Here” has more Jae Jin in it than ever, and it’s interesting to listen to his transition from just a backup rapper (of all things) to an actual operational force as a vocal lead in this group. Jae Jin’s voice (one of my favorites) and its colorful tone is captured and placed on soaring melodies that lift this song off its feet. It’s simple, soft, and breathtaking, and the beauty multiplies when Hongki and Jae Jin sing in harmony. The chorus is beautiful and it reminds me of Hoobastank circa 2003.

Cue the lighters.


The soft vocal delivery on top of really swift melodies propel this single to beautiful and fresh thematic directions for FT Island. Where their Korean singles are drenched in redundant hooks and gimmicky nuances, “Top Secret” blossoms as an organic collective of raw rock anthems that are as sensational as they are emotionally engaging.

Jae Jin is the star on this release, who satisfies the palette with smooth, silky vocals, and the amazing Hongki, who’se not far away, providing potent energy when the songs asks for it.

All in all, this is one of my favorite FT Island single releases in a very long time and it’s a milestone and testament in their career as pop-rockers. FT Island have done a graceful job of binding their talent with interesting musical templates and proved, most importantly, that they’ve grown out of the angsty moody phase of 2008 and into artists expressing themselves in strong, sophisticated ways.

I’ve said time and time again that I missed the old FT Island, but listening to this has opened my idea of who they once were and why I loved them, and what they’ve become today. My one wish now is for them to bring this classy style to Korea without compromising that raw realness of their work in Japan. If they can do that and not give in to the machine of mainstream appeal, because staying true to who they are is as equally appealing, then they’ll be unstoppable.


Score: 4.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated using the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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9 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] FT Island – “Top Secret”

  1. I must say I loved your takes on these songs in this review, and I agree with a lot of it. My personal favourite of the single is Beloved….I felt it had an almost haunting feel and it’s really quite beautiful to listen to,,,,a sound I’ve not really heard from heard from FT Island abefore. Additionally this song, and paper plane, are my favourite jaejin compositions till date…he’s grown so much musically, it’s astonishing. However, if there’s on thing I wasn’t a fan of in your review, it was your speculation of an FT Island without Hongki (I commented on this in your review of FT Island’s stay as well, where I think you mentioned the same thing). The only reason being, is that I feel that 5 of them have developed such amazing musical and stage chemistry. especially, these past few years, that a thought of any member leaving is just very painful. I would personally prefer, if Jaejin showcased his abilities to be a lead vocalist in FT Triple rather than any member of FT Island ever leaving the group (my personal opinion…sorry, if I went of an a bit of a tangent, I surprised even myself at how sensitive I was about this). Again, thanks for writing such an amazing review. I agree a 100% on your hope that FT Island brings in a it of the feel they currently have in their Japanese music to their upcoming Korean release in September (so excited!), but sadly, I do doubt it as I don’t think they have as much input in the contents of their music in Korea, which is a bit of a shame.

    • Thanks! and yeah, I’m definitely in the minority in thinking that I’d be okay with Hongki leaving, and looking at it in an un-ideal way, I think I’d be totally devastated like you would be, too.

      Like, I don’t want them to break up and I know it wouldn’t be the same without any of them in the group, but I also know that I would be welcoming of the change just like I was when Wonbin left. That sucked, but I eventually grew to appreciate them for what they became, and that’s kind of the mentality I’m trying to show here.

      If Jae Jin took over vocals, it would be a different FTI, but one that I could definitely support and get with.

  2. As usual, great review. I agree with you about FT Island’s style; in Japan their music is just all the more evocative to me. I could listen to a number of their Japanese releases and feel drawn into the expression of the song itself rather than a lot of their Korean works where they give us a song and pretty much tell us how we’re supposed to feel. Their Japanese works also leave a lot of room for interpretation and I really like that.
    As much as I love Jaejin and his smooth-like-butter voice, I just can’t imagine an FT Island without Hongki. And, although I’ve never said this aloud before, I just don’t think I’d like them as much without him. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jaejin’s voice to bits and pieces….but Hongki is so much a part of them, not only their music but as a whole, that without him it’d just seem a little strange. As the person before me said, they have a group dynamic and chemistry which works so well just now as it is. As a group, it just…works.
    Hongki’s stage presence is also astronomical and he commands so much flamboyance and charm on stage. I love seeing these things in the lead singers of bands. Plus, without the restraints of carrying around an instrument, he’s free to let loose and really interact with the audience without that barrier between them.
    Their music in Japan is extremely impressive this year, and I’m hoping that they can translate some of that into their upcoming Korean album. It’s rumoured that there will be a lot of self compositions this time around, so perhaps that’s hope in itself.

    • As I said up in another comment response, I’m not for change in FTI, but I wouldn’t be against it either. Hongki is a very gifted and special artist that his presence alone takes FT Island to a whole other level. Of course, I never want him to leave. Just hypothetically speaking – IF my homeboy left, I think I’d still be supportive and welcoming of an FTI without him. It wouldn’t be the same, and I agree 100% with everyone there.

      An FTI without hongki … almost unimaginable.

  3. I love their Japanese works! Beloved is such an awesome song, I can’t put it on repeat the whole day…

    FTi, being a band, beats all other idol groups out there because all 5 of them can actually sing better than the average idol. Even though hongki n jaejin have very different tones to their voice, having jaejin sing more lines nowadays provide more colour to their songs.

    I never once thought that hongki would leave fti. Even though jaejin has a lovely voice, he could never belt it out like hongki… I am just amazed they are so talented and seemed like veterans at an age so young…

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  5. wow I loved your review.
    I’ve been looking for reviews that shows appreciation for Jaejin’s voice.Hongki is undoubtedly a great singer but Jaejin is overshadowed and non-FTI fans will never realize that Jaejin has solid vocals.
    This review was great.

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