[Download] Jinbo the Superfreak Releases “Nabba,” a response to 2NE1’s “It Hurts” + Full Tracklist Released

Jinbo the Superfreak has a day to go before releasing his 2012 mixtape, ‘KRNB‘, but as a final dose of anticipation, he’s treated the interwebs with one last single for free download via soundcloud. Yay!

If you’ve missed his August onslaught of revisits to popular K-Pop singles, listen to them here. Today’s release is a response to 2NE1‘s 2010 jam, “It Hurts“.

The last single before KRNB’s official release, “Nabba” is a response to 2NE1’s “It Hurts.” Capturing the bittersweet emotions of a man who lost someone he believed to be his better half, the ballad illustrates the difficult process of moving forward from the past. Though he clearly found ways not to get attached to a single woman, he also learned methods to lie. The song stands out as an honest ode dedicated for those who have been hurt by love.

In addition to the release of “Nabba”, Rhythmer has released the full mixtape tracklist online. Check it out:

1. Intro: KRNB (0:57) [S.E.S. – 감싸안으며]
2. 아름다운 그녀 (4:50) [김건모 – 빨간 우산]
3. 알고 있었어 (3:30) [듀스 – 알고있었어]
4. I Need You Girl (4:18) [태양 – I Need A Girl]
5. Damn (4:26) [소녀시대 – Gee]
6. 너와 함께하면 행복해 (3:00) [서태지와 아이들 – 너와 함께 한 시간속에서]
7. Interlude: Not Too Young At All (0:54) [Nat King Cole – We Were Too Young At All]
8. 나빠 (2:51) [2NE1 – 아파]
9. Love Game (4:46) [BoA – GAME]
10. Best Friend (3:54) [빛과 소금 – 오래된 친구]
11. 너와 함께 한 시간 속에서 (Take 3) (3:17) [서태지와 아이들 – 너와 함께 한 시간 속에서]
12. Late Night Interlude: Listen Girl (2:28) [솔리드 – 아끼지 못했던 사랑]
13. Yes and No (6:13) [솔리드 – Yes or No]

KRNB will be available for free download via Jinbo’s Bandcamp on August 29. 2012.

Commentary: Rather than giving the song a change in style, Jinbo captured the essence of the original and smeared it with his own emotional point of view. It’s a lot smoother and darker than 2NE1’s version, and I think he did a really nice job with it.

Remember to show Jinbo the Superfreak some love and share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Jinbosuperfreak
Twitter: twitter.com/JINBOsuperfreak
Bandcamp: jinbo.bandcamp.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/jinbosoul


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