[Full MV] “That XX” by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

Riddled with double negatives and bleeps, G-Dragon‘s new music video to his latest single, “That XX” is here. Check it out below:


Irritating bleep is irritating and stupid, quite frankly. This is an online video, who da fuck censors shit online? You’ve put a big fat 19+ on it, that’s good enough.

Other than that, I liked the way this MV looked, but wasn’t particularly fond of the way it affected G-Dragon’s face, meaning I could see the thick-ass layers of makeup penetrating every single one of his pores. It was gross as hell. He legit had 50 more layers caked on his face than the YG trainee in the video, who looked just fine and cute. A bit creepy that he was all up in her junk, but whatev.

The song is okay and expected. It’s nothing new but at least it’s not turning me off, so I’m still excited for the release of his full album, which I still have relatively high hopes for.

What do you guys think?


14 thoughts on “[Full MV] “That XX” by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

  1. So This Was Excepted TO U ? N He looks GRoss o?O WOHAHAHAH That’s The Funniest review i’ve ever read !
    U’re Funny , I’m TElling YA xDDDDD
    G-Dragon ♥
    3:34 Of Fucking Perfection .. Choke on it xD

  2. I didn’t really notice excessive make-uping of GD’s face at first. But yeah, I guess they did go pretty heavy on the BB cream. One way to have avoided this is to not have him starring opposite a FRESH FACED SIXTEEN YEAR OLD. Of course he’s gotta cake on the make-up; can’t have a baby faced trainee looking prettier than him. Watching this, I just couldn’t forget that she’s 16, making GD is a super creepy oppar in this vid. I liked the simple acoustics and melody of this song. I think GD’s singing voice/falsetto is an acquired taste, and I’ve acquired it. I’m guessing this song is the “Butterfly” of this album. As a shameless GD fangirl, I am still super excited for the full album. And I am forever grateful the cornrows/ratchet weave are gone.

    • I have to admit, there are times when I wish GD would just stick to rapping, because I love him when he does, but his singing has grown on me. I don’t love it, but I can get with it if the song is slamming.

  3. I agree with you but I don’t like this song at all…At least his hair is normal this time. But seriously, why did they have to censor the chorus? I mean they are not selling it to people younger than 19 or whatever, and it totally kills whatever flow there might have been beforehand.

  4. DO NOT LIKE THE CENSORING AT ALL! Plus, GD looked like someone painted on his face. You know, like the “make-up” artist got his/her supplies from the paint shop and wen HAM on GD’s ass! The dude/girl was clearly pissed and not having GD’s shit! As for the song, it’s pretty good. It’s not amazing but it’s okay. I’m hoping for more crazy singles off the album.
    And yes isn’t that girl like 14/15 yrs and GD is in his twenties? Kinda pedo if you ask me. She’s really pretty though. :o

    • She is pretty! I’m excited for her debut. While I get that GD’s singing of being protective of her (I think?), he also sings about being semi-jealous of the douchebag she is apparently dating, sooo … yeah.

  5. They’re portraying something. They’re not f*cking in real life (hopefully). Maybe she’s portraying an ex near his age. I don’t know.

  6. I get that Jennie is playing someone older. She can pass as older since I’ve seen some young ass looking 20 something year olds in the Kpop world. I do like the mv a lot, and the song. I do NOT like GD’s spackled on makeup. There’s one close up of GD that I happened to pause on that made me cringe hard, especially in HD… they need to stop with that. The bleeps are semi-annoying but I overlooked it because I knew the Korean govt. decided to be annoying as hell.

  7. Do you think the flow of the song would be ruined if he used “vulgar” language or whatever in the chorus though? So using the Korean equivalent of bastard in place of XX.

    I’m thinking it’s a sad song and a word like bastard might or might not ruin the mood or tone of the song (shrugs).

    So I’m assuming that the uncensored version will be released on the CD?

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