K-Town Recap: Episode 8, “Showtime at Belasco”

Hi guys, I was a wee bit on the busy side last week, so this is coming at you a full week later than I had original intended it to. Whoops. Anyway, last time we were here, Scarlet was on her way out after Joe blew up on her for acting a mess before the big show at Belasco.

Will she come back? Will Joe get this shit together in time for tonight’s event? Let’s dive back into K-Town and find out!

Episode 8: Showtime at Belasco

I’m not going to be the nice oppa anymore,” Joe exclaims, as Scarlet packs up her shit and leaves. But the sentiment is quickly glossed over as Joe goes back to find Scarlet in the parking lot, who’s fucking around with Jasmine and Violet, to let her know that he still needs her to dance. They’re still a ‘family’, after all, so after Scarlet manages to make light of the situation (she’s Chinese, bitches, she gon’ talk all she wants!), they agree to get over it and get back to work.

Moments later, it’s show time. Everyone is at their stations and doing their jobs. Violet is mixing drinks, Jowe is tending to guests, and Jasmine is backstage working on hair. Because she’s the only one doing it, Jasmine is having to rush and finish each girl’s hair as fast as she can.

Young runs in and begs her to do his hair, because he’ll be performing next, but she shuts him down like a boss. So Young’s left to do it himself.

While waiting for the opening act to finish, Young is nervous as fuck after seeing the sheer size of the crowd tonight. There’s literally thousands of people clusterfucked in Belasco, but he’s performing regardless. So he makes it on stage, where Joe hypes him up, hits the music, and bam! Young’s dancing and shit! Everyone is proud of him, Jowe even calls him the “Usher of K-Town,” (lol) and after he’s done, Young spends the rest of the night enjoying the show.

Insert gratuitous crowd montage.

Scarlet keeps her promise and dances for the crowd, and here is where we find out that Jowe and her have mended their relationship.

Me and Scarlet, we had our little fight, we had a little bump you know what I mean? But there’s no reason for us to be hating each other, so I bought her a drink,” Jowe tells us, “she has that good in her.” They apologize to each other, and meanwhile, I’m running out of things to write because this episode is totally peaches and cream so far.

Tyrese makes a guest appearance, because he thought up this whole show and everything, so why wouldn’t he be there, and hypes up the crowd some more. Scarlet, being the crazy girl she is, tries communicating to the crowd that she wants to crowd surf. After a few seconds of janky sign language, she preps herself to jump and … falls. Like, falls and eats shit – falls. She has no shame, though, because she tries again and succeeds.

Meanwhile, Steve, who was told not to have a sip of alcohol until the night was over, is drinking and mingling with people. This doesn’t sit well with Joe, who invites Steve up to the stage (for some reason), regrets it, and goes on to shove Steve in the face and off the stage. Naturally, Steve loses his shit.

He goes off about Joe to Jasmine, who’s confused and concerned, talking about how Joe thinks he’s the king of Belasco and whatever. His argument is that because everyone is doing this as a favor to Joe, for free, that he can’t treat them like shit. He’s clearly angry as fuck, so after a moment of venting, cursing out the camera crew, Steve leaves, drink in hand.


Uh, whoa. I was expecting some kind of drama to ensue at some point in this episode, but after a nearly perfect night, Steve of all people was probably the last on my list to have lost it like he did. It’s not always that we see tension rise among the guys, so this will be interesting to see pan out next episode.

Like I said, I’m behind a week, and episode 9 is already out, so I’ll be recapping that soon. What did you guys think of this episode?

watch episode 8 in full


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