[Full MV] GoGo Star Returns with New EP + Music Video for “Panic Attack”

Disco punk rock band, GoGo Star, is back, y’all!

After the thrilling ‘Black Comedy‘ album of 2011, this quartet is back to slay the stage with their latest EP, ‘Highlight‘, and full music video to their new single, “Panic Attack“.

Check it out:


As usual from these guys, this music video is very ‘low budget’, but filled to the brim with energy. I liked what they did for the music videos off ‘Black Comedy’ (read the album review here), so I am a wee bit disappointed by the execution here. But what it lacks in funds it makes up in sheer character. This thing is GoGo Star through and through, and I like that it takes me back to their earlier MVs.

It also makes me wish I were in Korea to watch them perform live, because if any fancams and live footage I’ve seen is any indication, these guys are a fucking riot.



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