[Full MV] FT Island Releases “I Wish” Music Video

Not long after releasing ‘Top Secret‘ (reviewed here) in Japan are the wonderful guys of FT Island back on home turf, and with a brand new album in toe.

Check out the new music video to their latest single, “I Wish“, below, and as always, a bit of commentary for good measure to follow:



Uh, this is definitely thematic. Almost extremely so for an FT Island song. But if I’ve learned anything from K-Pop is that singles resonate loudest to the masses if they’re that much more theatrical, and this certainly fits the bill.

The music video looks gorgeous and all the guys are styled wonderfully. If I have to nitpick, I think I would remove that thing on Hongki‘s head, but other than that I think they look handsome as hell.

Minhwan, boy, where have you been all my life?


11 thoughts on “[Full MV] FT Island Releases “I Wish” Music Video

  1. Minhwan has been sitting behind Hongki all your life XD


    You’re right, it’s got that…hook that exists in pretty much every KPOP song =/ As far as i know, the boys fought their management pretty hard to have one of their own songs as Title but FnC said they have to consider “the masses”.

    • I like FTI’s new single more than I dislike it, but the clear loss of power in creative control in it bothers me.

      I understand that all singles anywhere in music are dealt differently than the rest of the album, but it’s just odd how in K-Pop, they all have to follow an almost strict formula for mainstream appeal.

  2. as much as i admire ftisland and hongki … im a boice … i like ftisland releases but cnblue is my bias group … i like this song …

    waiting for review for cnblue japanese album …you did a review on ftisland japanese single so you do reviews on japanese releases

    i really like your reviews on all the artists here …no bull**** right to the truth …voicing my mind sometimes …and i keep reading as if saying how did you know i was thinking that

    hope you do the cnblue japanese album review soon …thank you

  3. I really do like this song, it’s very catchy. But in my opinion, the real treasures will be found in the accompanying tracks of this album, especially as the majority of them have been composed and written by the members, This was apparently the deal the FT boys came to with their management, to give up the title track to something of the management’s choice (that has mainstream appeal) in return for more control over the rest of the body of the album.

    I’ll look forward to a day when one of the boys own compositions is the title but until then, its a step forward for the boys in the Korean market at least, since I think this is the Korean album they’ve had the most contribution in till date. And I do like this song, it’ll be fun to watch the live performances, with Hongki doing his wriggly dance and Jaejin looking all sexy and, just all of them showing their awesomely awesomeness :D

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