[Review] [Single] T-ara – “Sexy Love”

written by: lolpenny

Now that we have all had ample time to feel sorry about every negative thing we’ve said about HwaYoung, T-ara is back with a new single. Perhaps this is what Core Contents Media calls tact but it feels like a brick in the small of my back.

Replete with another uncomfortable title, “Sexy Love” is little more than a mashup of T-ara’s previous songs “Roly Poly” and “Lovey Dovey” and in case they didn’t get the memo, SHINee totally has a monopoly on that. The only inkling of innovation is the snake charmer melody meets tetris theme that is sprinkled indiscriminately throughout the song. It makes “Sexy Love” as addictive as T-ara’s entire repertoire with an added layer of hypnosis that will have the hook stuck in your head for weeks to come.

So mission accomplished, score one for T-ara.

But, in light of recent member realignments it would be remiss to ignore the elephant in the room. Capital-A-Artists like G Dragon talk a big game about how they are above the system, how the rigidity of K-pop cannot possibly hope to contain them. But those people can’t hold a candle to the ‘fuck world and what it wants me to be’ attitude of T-ara.

No, hold on.

Success in K-pop follows a very systematic set of rules. Idol groups keep strict schedules, build anticipation for comebacks, and put effort into maturity and improvement. Perfect idols with their perfect lives are sold to the public because nobody wants to hear about tragedy. Poor attitudes and scandals are suppressed because snotty tweets and inopportune scowling can lay waste to a career.

T-ara dares to fly in the face of that. The only promotion schedule they follow is to promote as often as possible. Jiyeon‘s permanent apathy and major stink eye have become almost iconic. And they ride on the coattails of scandal into the sunset of infamy.


It’s easy to criticize T-ara because everything that they embody practically begs for it, but they have become the poster children for all press is good press. T-ara throws bricks at windows like there’s no better way to say hello but their aim is hardly to impress with finesse. It’s your attention they’re after and, at least for the time being, the disaster they’ve become holds it rapt.


Score: 1.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated using the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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9 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] T-ara – “Sexy Love”

  1. I’m slightly confused about ur rating and criticisms (of the actual music). You said the single was addictive but not innovative = 1.5/5?

    • i feel like i say this every review but i really hate giving ratings. music is inherently subjective and putting a number on that is just not something i enjoy. i’m sorry the arbitrary number i assigned this song does not align with yours.
      t-ara’s puts out really addictive tracks, that’s their whole thing. and that’s awesome but it also means every new release is basically a remix of their previous. so, catchy as usual but not anything we haven’t heard from them before.

      • I haven’t given my opinion on the music so no need to apologize that ur rating opinion doesn’t match mine. I just didn’t understand ur method for the number

    • By our definition, anything 1.0-1.9 is considered mediocre. Penny’s review, while brief, doesn’t describe anything beyond mediocrity in the musical value of this song.

      Also, as a somewhat relevant side note: our rating system is in the minority in that it doesn’t follow the lulzy online mentality of rating things (see: http://xkcd.com/1098/)

  2. I’m sorry,but while I respect your opinion, you’re reviewing their music. Not their scandal. The score you gave them is really unfair and I definitely don’t think it’s their fault their company sucks at managing them. You can do better than this review.

    • the song on it’s own is just not that interesting and quite honestly didn’t warrant an entire review. but the song coupled with it’s timing and the current dynamics of the group is very interesting. so that’s what i wrote about.

  3. I agree with the rating. If an idol group keeps releasing the same mediocre catchy music, they’re not challenging themselves. Therefore a low mark is necessary to alert, motivate and change for the better. If they want to achieve greater fame, they can’t use publicity but concentrate more on music. It’ll help them in the long run and gain more fans.

  4. LOL “Sexy Love” is T-Ara-best track from the dissapointed “Yayaya” =)) I hate all their try-to-be-catchy songs like “Yayaya”, “Roly Poly”, “Lovey Dovey” but “Sexy Love” – i love this, really
    and their best song so farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (my opinion) is “Good Person” – when T-Ara only have 5 members =))

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