[Full MV] Music Video to BTOB’s “WOW” Released

After a lengthy break since their Spring debut – and by lengthy I mean that in K-Pop time – BTOB is back with their latest single, “WOW“.

Watch the music video below:



You know how there was that one song in BEAST‘s ‘Midnight Sun‘ mini-album that didn’t quite fit with the others? What was its title – “The Day You Rest“? Yeah, do you remember how I said that that song was more of BEAST experimenting with style and wasn’t particularly redefining in their musicality as idols? Well, I feel like that’s what’s happening here with “WOW”, except vice versa. In that this may very well be a pivotal change in musical direction for BTOB, if a very minor one.

The song is quite good and reminds me a lot less of BEAST than I thought it would, which is such a good thing for them. I really hope they discover a style that works perfectly for them and make great use of their diverse vocal range (HARMONIZE MORE, GODDAMN IT) because they’re stronger in that department, in my opinion.

As for the video, I lovelovelove the styling. I don’t know, I’m just really into the use of color and they’re just working it really well here. Give me all the clothes!

The whole supernatural factor fell flat and it got a little too SHINee‘s “Sherlock” at times (that intro, bros, and the setting!), but other than that, it was aiight.

What do you think?


7 thoughts on “[Full MV] Music Video to BTOB’s “WOW” Released

  1. I LOVE the song! It’s so much better than their debut.

    As for the MV concept, I got way too many SHINee “Sherlock” and AJAX “Hot Game” feels so it didn’t seem all that original.

    But the choreo is NICE! Loved the “dougie” part at 3:17!

    I thin BtoB is moving into a nice direction now :)

  2. The rapper looked EXACTLY like Junhyung, eyebrows et al. Also, the last guy shown in the video looked like Hyunseung which garnered a wow from me, and at exactly the right time haha. They took from the good pile of the 90s. ~I like it~.

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