[Full MV] Nine9 Releases Full “Lovers” Music Video

Dear Cloud‘s lead vocalist Nine9 recently dropped her solo album, “Nine Stories,” as well as her latest single, “Lovers“.

Check out the music video below:



I am so happy to see Nine9 back to making music this year. I hadn’t heard a peep from the Dear Cloud camp in a while, so it’s really great to hear her again.

As per usual to her style of indie music, “Lovers” is ethereal, airy, and delightful. Nine9’s deep tone resonates beautifully here (resonates even stronger in her cover of “Time After Time“) and she executes it with as much grace and delicacy as the hand that edited this video.

My favorite bits are when the negative space behind Nine9 is utilized as a canvas, and Nine9’s profile is nearly out of focus to us. It’s kind of powerful.

Drowningn00b will be reviewing her recent solo album, so make sure to comeback for that.


One thought on “[Full MV] Nine9 Releases Full “Lovers” Music Video

  1. Totally love this song and her voice as well. I’m a big Dear Cloud fan so I will definitely take a listen to this solo album!

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