[Full MV] Andamiro Releases Korean and Engrish Versions of “Hypnotize”


Soloist Andamiro has dropped her first mini-album this week, along with these two music videos for her lead single, “Hypnotize“. Check them out below and try to decipher the English one, because uhhhh:


Goddamn, that Engrish is THICK. It would have helped to understand what this girl was saying if the lyrics weren’t atrocious as fuck, but other than that this song was just alright. The synths were nice for a good minute, but after that they started to become incredibly grating and excessive.

As for the video, I don’t have a lot to say other than it was pretty boring. It was just Andamiro dusting things and dancing in corners against pretty wallpapers. Bleh. I did manage to capture that lulzy screen cap, though.


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