[Full MV] U-KISS Releases Hyper Sexy Black and White “Stop Girl” Music Video

U-KISS is back, world, and at it again! This time, with their slower tune titled “Stop Girl“. Check out the full black and white version below and let me know what you think in the comments section:



Uh, this is hot. I knew U-KISS were pretty attractive, but daaaamn. Everyone not named OH GAWD WHAT DA FUCK DID THEY DO TO HIM-Dongho looks drop dead gorgeous. The fact that the video itself is crisp and clean adds to the overall sexy. The sets are slick and the styling is on point. Plus, U-KISS is killing that choreography. Like, it’s awesome.

The song isn’t bad at all, either. It’s like their production team is slowly peeling away extraneous layers, and we’ve reached that point where their music is so bare that they don’t really sound like anything they did even a year ago. I thought they sounded way different in 2011, but they continue to change, and I kind of like that about them.

Also, perfect English.


7 thoughts on “[Full MV] U-KISS Releases Hyper Sexy Black and White “Stop Girl” Music Video

  1. these are my feelings:
    -drop dead sexy bass beat, i could listen to 3 minutes of just that.
    -the vocals could have been a tiny bit more interesting on the verses, but the last 50 seconds make up for it.
    -somehow…i don’t actually hate what they did to dongho…??!! i don’t know why! but I found myself feeling like a pedo-noona. oh jesus. that just happened.
    -if u-kiss doesn’t fucking win something, heads are gonna roll.

  2. My only concern about DongHo is the weave, remind me too much of Ren like that. But still look more manly than Ren. I always had that “Noona Complex” toward U-KISS maknae and it get worst with that MV seriously the kid gonna kill me soon.
    As for the song, I really like it, it’s different from what we are use to hear from them. I’m normally not a fan of Eli rap, but I really like it in that song.

  3. Ever since neverland, u-kiss have been consistently improving. Its just unfortunate that they keep being pushed aside… I do like that they are graduating from the dancey electro stuff and moving into more suave territory with Stop Girl. The black n white mv is so much better than the coloured one because its classy whereas the other just made me balk at Eli’s yellow toned hair…

    That body wave… *drools*

    The rest of the mini is quite good too! And kiseop… I’m pleasantly surprised that he has a nice tone to his voice. They should’ve totally let him have more lines from way back when…

    Am I the only one that thought having lesser members is a boost to u-kiss? Somehow I really like the dynamics they are showing with this round of promotion.

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