[Full MV] Navi Releases Beautiful “Don’t Go” Music Video

After the release of her early 2011 full-length album, ‘Hello‘, Navi – the Queen of Covers – is back with a brand new mini-album.

Check out the full music video to her comeback single, “Don’t Go“, below:


I asked, and somebody listened. Thank you, Korea. Thank you so, so much for this.

As readers of McRoth’s Residence know by now, Navi is one of my faves. She’s awesome and I’m glad to see her back. This song is definitely up Navi’s alley. It’s a ballad, emotionally driven, and beautifully composed. This is the Navi I know and I’m kind of happy that she didn’t pull so wonky club banger like she attempted a couple years ago.

The music video is also great. It reflects the beauty of the song perfectly. Its got a warm color pallet and it’s shot really well. I particularly love the whole butterfly projections and how the butterfly was carried from one scene to the other, culminating with the last one burning in flames while you hear the soundscape of rain. Really interesting effects there.

What do you think?


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