[Review] [Single] CHAOS – “Kiss Kiss”

written by: McRoth

For some odd reason, this song reminds me of something I’d hear from CNBlue. Am I alone here? The post-chorus ooh-oooh-hoo-ooh-ooooh’s, the deep, rich voice of whoever it is singing the pre-chorus, and the overall light pop-rock vibes: Like, it’s all staple CNBlue lead single material, and I kind of really like it. Having spent a lengthy amount of time enjoying CNB’s recent Japanese album (which I’m looking to review at some point), perhaps it’s bringing those elements out a lot more than they should, but yeah. I hear it.

Anyway, “Kiss Kiss” definitely sits snug in the light-hearted department of CHAOS‘s small discography, taking its seat right next to the addictive retro jam “She’s Coming“, which was released earlier this year. Like I said, “Kiss Kiss” dabbles in the light pop-rock genre and does it well. Unlike the tired electro-pop style CHAOS tackled in “Racer“, which placed the group in a very cookie-cutter mold, you see them embrace the musical direction of “Kiss Kiss” in full and are able to convince as funky pop singers. It’s not every day that you see a traditional K-Pop boy band drop the top trends, loosen their belts, and open themselves to experimentation like this, but CHAOS managed to own it.

“Kiss Kiss” isn’t exactly gutsy, but it is refreshing and it’ll be interesting to hear where CHAOS takes off from this point forward.


Score: 3.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated using the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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6 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] CHAOS – “Kiss Kiss”

  1. I really like this song although it does sound like something that would come out of CNBLUE. The MV was pretty cool, too. I think they had fun shooting it.

  2. I like this song a lot better that anything else they’ve released so far. It is quite CNBlue-ish, but I prefer it to a dance track which seems to be all the rage with most other groups. Plus the MV is awesome! Even if it’s not the most original idea it still beats dancing in a box

    PS. I can’t wait to read your review of CNBlue’s Japanese album :)

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