[Review] [Single] RaNia – “Style”

written by: McRoth

If there’s anything that bogs down RaNia‘s latest single, “Style“, is that it’s not the most memorable (or original) song in the history of pop music. That minor fault aside, the rest is surprisingly decent.

With powerhouse vocalist Jooyi absent from the line-up, effectively crippling RaNia’s bite as a pack of badass women, the remaining members of RaNia had the exceptionally tough task of making this work without her. To my surprise, “Style” manages to balance the group’s vocal section in ways that you hear it in songs for, say, 2NE1. And it worked.

Just in case you didn’t know, YG Entertainment penned this entire thing. While the YG touch isn’t incredibly obvious, there are definitely traces of it that hint at habitual production moves heard in YG songs. For instance, RaNia’s vocals are focused more on light repetition and simple verses. It waits to soar at the choruses, where the dark electro-pop style of this song is contrasted with a pretty melody. The middle eight enters, and we’re all of a sudden flashing back to that sexy spice of “Dr. Feel Good“, which I think was a really great touch to hear.

“Style” isn’t amazing, but it is a vast improvement from “Pop Pop Pop“. It holds off on being too vocally daring, but still places RaNia in a comfortable style that they’re confident in and you hear it shine in this single.


Score: 3/5

Singles of any kind are not rated using the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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