[Review] [Single] 100% – “We, 100%”

written by: McRoth

TOP Media‘s new boy band, 100%, debuted this month with “We, 100%“, a single that touches on a distinctly different style than we’ve heard from their label brethren, TEEN TOP. Where the boys of TEEN TOP bust out pretty club bangers like nobody’s business, 100% take a far more masculine approach in their debut.

Bad Boy“, the lead single, displays this best, as its driving force is made of pulsating strings, dark synths, and deep vocal leads, sounding vaguely familiar to MBLAQ circa 2011 (think “Stay“). The structure itself is nothing to overlook, as it’s one of the most interesting ones I’ve listened to from a rookie group in a very long time; the song begins eerily raw and silent, gradually adding one thematic layer after another, being careful not to repeat the previous verse’s layout. It’s a strong format and keeps the ear intrigued. As you listen to this single (which comes armed with a short orchestral intro title track, “We, 100%” and the B-side dance track, “Still Again“), the experience is practically intensified.

100% haven’t really touched on anything revolutionary with this single debut, but they’ve proven they can do the angsty boy band thing really, really well, far better than anyone else under their label, which is a good thing. Their musical reach touches on everything from MBLAQ’s best work to the darkest ends of 2PM. Hell, they pretty much out 2PM-ed 2PM in “Still Again”, which amuses me greatly.

It’ll take a sophomore release or maybe even a solid mini-album to really place these kids on any radar, but so far this isn’t a bad start to a career in idoldom at all.


Score: 3/5

Singles of any kind are not rated using the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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