Say Hello To The Gasping Crowd + 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway Details!

So, uh, there’s a new blog in town and I’ll be writing there a helluva lot from now on. It’s called The Gasping Crowd and it is the brand new sister site of McRoth’s Residence! Awww.

For a welcoming introduction about how it came to be and what it’s about, click here. Also, happening today – OUR 3RD YEAR ANNIVERSARY GLJAFKLEJAKFJEAF

What? Really? Wowsers.

Rather than going on and on like I’ve done in the past, I’m just going to cut to the chase. This year, to celebrate the big 3, I’m giving away something special. If you’re an ELF, take several seats. If you’re a Siwon stan, take several stadium of seats, because you’ll probably like this.

In celebration of McRoth’s Residence’s 3rd year anniversary, I’m giving away –

an authographed photo of Super Junior’s Siwon!

Are your bodies okay? I hope so, because you’ll need to follow the rules below to enter for a chance to snatch that sucker.

The rules are simple:

Like McRoth’s Residence and The Gasping Crowd on Facebook (here and here)

Follow McRoth’s Residence and The Gasping Crowd on Twitter (hurr and hurr)

Retweet-slash-share this post and leave at least one sexy comment on your favorite post on The Gasping Crowd, saying whatever you want, and making sure to include your Twitter handle and/or Facebook name. That way, I can make sure you’ve followed all three rules. A really easy way to do this is to log in with either account in the comments section and BAM. You’d be knocking out all kinds of birds with one stone and shit.

An optional gesture is to share this giveaway with your friends and introduce them to both blogs (DO IT), because sharing is caring you know. That way people learn about everything and even have a chance to win a glorious prize! Yay.

And who knows, I might have a few more goodies up my sleeve …

So yeah, go do all of that and hopefully you can get your hands on a sweet gift!

I love you guys.


8 thoughts on “Say Hello To The Gasping Crowd + 3rd Year Anniversary Giveaway Details!

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  2. Congratulations on three years of great Korean music reviews! I’m so happy I stumbled onto your blog. Big love. And I’ll be sure to check out the Gasping Crowd ;).

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad to hear that you’ve taken away good things from my reviews. That’s partially their point, so that makes me happy.

      I hope you enjoy GC! :D

  3. Congrats, I found your blog through AS. Your reviews helped me in some ways. I participated in this, I don’t even know why. who can say no to Siwon’s body even though he has a dicky personality.

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