[Review] [Music Video] She’z – “UU”

So many rookies, so little time

written by: Budy

With the massive amount of rookies swinging their booties for a little of attention, it becomes a wise decision to follow just a few and learn to love them.

She’z  is topping my list among with SPICA, and, in a fortunate turn of events, both of them made a comeback. But, as the latter left me confused and with mixed feelings, i was expecting She’z to leave a sweeter taste in my mouth. And they did. So much so, that it almost gave me diabetes … in the wrong kind of way (not like there’s a good form of diabetes, but you know what I mean).

Though I am not completely disappointed, I am definitely not amused. Debuting with “My Way” left She’z with an uncountable amount of paths to take visually and musically speaking. Instead, they regressed 15 steps by giving us the aegyo deal.


This video is, lacking the vocabulary to beautify it, forgettable. Think KARA‘s “Wanna” meets A-Pink. Or any other group’s cute era, quite frankly.

Let’s face it, how many times have we seen the before-a-first-date video? If you’ve been in K-Pop long enough, you could count at least 5 of them. It really makes me think that every first date in South Korea goes the same way:

  1. Girl receives an invitation from the boy she likes
  2. Girl gets nervous
  3. Friends get excited
  4. Friends make the girl look pretty though the changes are invisible to our eyes
  5. Girl leaves and has a great date
  6. The families of both the girl and the boy force them to marry*

* Keeping it real, guys

The MV itself is nicely done. It is not impressive, but tidy and pretty enough to make the point. Pastel colors, childish outfits and cute faces; simple choreography, sets, and shots reign during the entire production.


Uncle fans may be happy, but my feelings are quite the opposite. Not saying that cute is bad (damn, i kinda like Hello Venus), it’s just that i expected She’z not to fall in the commonality of redundant aegyo. Their talents and personas are strong enough to survive exploring and experimenting styles without looking forced. Ironically, that’s exactly how they turned out looking through the whole video.

I really hope they find their lifesaver in the current sea of trends before i leave them in the next port, shaking a tissue and thinking how great it could have been.


2 thoughts on “[Review] [Music Video] She’z – “UU”

  1. I think it’s a shame that the group had to resort to this. “My Way” peaked at #87 on GAON while this peaked at #127. At least they’re not singing in a cutesy tone, but the song just sounds cheaply produced. I really want this group to keep going, ever since “My Way” and their great covers of Big Mama’s – Break Away. The audiences at the music shows seem to respond to them nicely though.

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