[Review] [Music Video] Wonder Boyz – “Open The Door”

written by: Budy

One of the main reasons people get into Asian entertainment (be it anything from movies to anime) is because of the culture’s unique sense of humour, and for the rookies I’m introducing in this review, they’ve kicked that bucket with plenty of style.

Just considering the idea of Korean idols singing an Arabian-inspired electro song while wearing typical hip-hop clothes is pretty hysterical itself, moreover if you add in one of the most funny, easy-to-follow pieces of choreography ever raised the standards pretty high.


This MV is the legitimate proof that you don’t need anything overly sophisticated to produce an amusing outcome: the sets are really simple, but luckily CJ E&M Music counted on these four dorks’ personalities to fill those spaces. It worked.


I don’t dare to put a finger on the filming quality, since it has beaten me at finding any kind of flaws. While it isn’t the most beautiful of them all, something more pretentious would’ve ruined the mood completely. I applaud the director for avoiding the over-complexity and sticking to a method that fits the theme perfectly.

If this review lacks humour, it’s because I really can’t make fun of what’s already making fun of itself. But just in case you’re not convinced this video is awesome, here are three reasons why it’s worth your time:


Yeah boy

I’m not sure what your opinion is at this point (I’d like to hear it though), but personally, I’m excited to see more of these guys in the future. Even if Young Boy shares and oddly scary resemblance to Dara and Thunder.

Nothing to be happy about, dude


2 thoughts on “[Review] [Music Video] Wonder Boyz – “Open The Door”

  1. I watched this a couple night ago and found it very entertaining. It’s weird because there have been a couple of kpop songs with little riffs or sections where I’m like HOLD THE PHONE THAT SOUNDS LIKE BOLLYWOOD. And then my first thought watching this is damn, this seems like straight up Bollywood choreography, down to the hand gestures. At least for the first couple of minutes. Then we get into some spanking dance move thing and some zombie moves. Why there’s bollywood choreo in a seemingly “arabian” themed set is … odd, but not really surprising. White people have been confusing the cultures of people of color for a long ass time, and I’ve seen a bit of dabbling in that from Kpop as well. I’d be really interested to see what a real kpop take on Bollywood would look like/sound like. But yeah, I liked this video. I love that they don’t seem to take themselves too seriously and it looks like they had tons of fun.

    • thank for reading! yeah i really think they had fun, like GENUINE fun. Not feeling the akwardness that sometimes emanes from this type of video, i’d say they probably have great chemistry with each other
      An actual take on Bollywood would be awesome! I think MBLAQ could make it work :O

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