[Review] [Single] B.A.P – “Stop It”

written by: McRoth

Breaking records for the amount of comebacks made in a year, B.A.P are at it again. This time with their new single, “Stop It“.

Palpable irony aside, the effort to actually spice things up with ‘Stop It’ is more than appreciated, as it gives everybody something fresh to savor from the most ruthlessly persistent rookie group of the year. It’s quite obvious that B.A.P want to remain relevant and this is one way of doing it. Is it wrong? Not at all. But it does have its minor repercussions.

“Stop It”, the immediate relative to “Crash” (reviewed here) is a lax, light-hearted pop single that lays down a pretty strong hook to capture all the attention. It’s one of B.A.P’s softest songs to date and a pretty addicting one at that. The two tonal rap (Bang Yong Guk and Zelo) blend really well with the vocal leads, creating an interesting tune to jam to. Add in the fact that the song itself takes cues from the heart of the 90’s, which surprisingly caters really well to B.A.P’s sound, and they’ve got a winner.

Of course, we do still get a bit of the B.A.P staple in “YESSIR“, the intro track, to which I’ll quote myself:

They have a pretty strong grip on the type of music that they’re aiming for, but I think they haven’t quite given themselves enough time as rookies to challenge their aggressive temperament  in the proper ways to re-energize the listening experience. It shows in their lead singles and it feels like they don’t know how to leave a lasting impression without reverting to their old, tried ways and gimmicks.

Have B.A.P become less about uniqueness and more about gimmicks? Definitely. But “YESSIR” is a pleasant surprise to listen to, as it pretty much strips away everything that became extraneous in the last few months and fleshes out a hype song that actually functions as such for the style of the Single-release as a whole. It’s got a bit of 90’s crunch with just a dash of the B.A.P energy. “Happy Birthday” is its exact opposite, pace-wise, as it closes this sucker on a light, airy note.


‘Stop It’ isn’t particularly fascinating, but it is a step in the right direction for everyone. Daehyun isn’t overwhelming with self-indulgent belts, and neither rapper ever steps out of bounds in tangential nonsense. A controlled environment was set in place with this single, and by the sound of how polished things turned out this time, I think that’s exactly what this boy band needed.


Score: 3/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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