[Review] [Music Video] GLAM – “I Like That”

2013_GLAM_I like that

Please welcome one of McRoth’s Residence’s newest additions to the writing Squad – Rickyom! He’ll be dropping reviews on music and music videos this year, so give him a warm welcome and read his thoughts on GLAM’s new MV for “I Like That” below.

written by: rickyom

Everything about GLAM‘s comeback seemed risky right from the announcement. They are now down one member and making a comeback 6 months after their debut. That leads us to now.

After two somewhat confusing teasers, does the full music video for GLAM’s “I Like That” finally make sense?

It’s mostly a basic music video studded with artificial sets, the girls wearing f(x) type clothing along with some Girl’s Day humor thrown in. Nothing in the video will look good unless the group can show that it’s better than what it actually is, and that’s exactly what they do. GLAM provide spunky attitude while making use of the sets. There are times that get too choppy with constant frame switching, but that’s it; everything clears up and slows down once it hits the chorus. I really liked how the camera followed along with the girls choreography for little while.

The video also tries to join several elements or skits to follow the song. For instance, the horror show section seems a little out of place from the video, but I don’t think anything in this video was actually supposed to be in place. This video was meant to be laced with a little bit of crazy, as noted in the video.


It may not be as colorful and nice as their debut music video for “Party (XXO)“, but they make use with what they got. That’s all they can do when it’s such a struggle to be a rookie girl group in today’s K-Pop.


2 thoughts on “[Review] [Music Video] GLAM – “I Like That”

  1. not into kpop so much unless the song really catcy and spice up my stereo hifi.this one will join my fav list.same catchy as electric shock but dance way more lively and energetic.

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