[Review] [Single] Boyfriend (보이프렌드) – “JANUS”


written by: renshukki

Considering the releases Boyfriend have dropped since their debut, I would say that they are still lost in a sea of idol boy-bands who have yet to establish their own ground in the K-Pop world. It takes ages for these types of groups to get noticed. However, due to the fact that Boyfriend come from a well-groomed and managed entertainment company who gave us the star-rising SISTAR and K. Will, it comes as a pleasant surprise that they have released something that is worth listening to as a whole that flows well into the ears – a song capable of starting and opening a new beginning for Boyfriend moving forward.

Janus” isn’t something entirely special, as the elements and instruments of the song have been reused and reproduced time and time again. You can tell that this song was written by last year’s top producers SWEETUNE, who gave us KARA’s “Pandora” and Nine Muses well-flourished songs “News” and “Ticket.” The song doesn’t scream and shout between the synths and background, which makes it easy to listen to. Although the opening begins quite slow and attaches itself to a soft chorus, it does eventually grasp the listener. This structure is the one thing I love about this song. The the pre-chorus is somehow stronger than the verses and leads into a sweet chorus and then raps around the middle eight to bind the song together. Good songs need a glue, and this one has it.

In terms of vocal abilities, the strong singers were able to hold their own while the weak easily erased their troubles and mistakes on “Janus.” The Harmonizing in the chorus isn’t exactly great, as it’s very easy to differentiate the strong singers from the weak. The rapping also appears weak on this song. Then again, who can rap well in K-Pop these days …


In terms of emotion and interpretation, Boyfriend still struggle and lack the developed know-how to implement these feelings to improve the quality of the song. Overall though, “Janus” is a good song from start to finish. It’s a great start to something that will help move these boys away from that cutesy and flower boy image into something a lot more musically interesting, and that’s something worth looking forward to this year.


Score: 3.75/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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