[Review] [Single] Verbal Jint – “Good Start”


written by: drowningn00b

Verbal Jint has a track record of introspection. His 2011 single, “You Look Good”, looked at post-breakup thoughts, while 2012’s “You Deserve Better” forced a friend to find inner worth in a terrible situation. It’s no wonder the cover of ‘10 Years of Misinterpretation, Part 1‘ has the universal sign of a headache. As the thinking man’s rapper, VJ’s lyrics force reflection, and that continues on his new single, “Good Start” featuring Kang Minhee of Miss $.

New Year’s Day is already a time of looking back and aims for the future, so it’s no wonder VJ finally put pen to paper on this.

“Good Start” has similar instrumentation to his other R&B songs, with keyboards, drums and guitar in a plaintive mood. It’s a smooth track that flows by without highs or lows, and it’s that mellow aspect that makes the theme of meditation return again and again. Instead of building to a peak moment, all but the bass is removed, leaving VJ, Minhee and you to contemplate what it means to have a better beginning. For her part, Minhee sings nicely enough without distraction, but she doesn’t stand out, either. “Good Start” is a song that tries to put things in perspective, executed well with its production and calm delivery by Verbal Jint and Minhee.


With a genre that keeps its focus on partying, materialism and status, it’s great to see artists like Verbal Jint have a strong foothold in Korea’s hip-hop scene. While most of us were partying the night away on the 31st of December, VJ’s “Good Start” gives us a moment to think about what we’ll make of ourselves the morning of the 2nd of January. “Good Start” is a nice song, with a concise vision of itself and a solid execution.

Welcome to 2013, Neighbours.


Score: 4/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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