[Review] [Single] MFBTY- “Sweet Dream”

2013_MFBTY_Sweet Dream

written by: Drowningn00b

Jungle Entertainment tried with M.I.B., but it was all for naught. After a debut album and two EPs, Most Incredible Busters did not gain the popularity of their contemporaries Block B and Dalmatian (now DMTN). But another year brings renewed resolutions, and with that hip-hop legends Tiger JK, T/Yoon Mi Rae, and Bizzy, who formed the super group MFBTY this year. Shorthand for “My Fans are Better Than Yours” – though “motherf*&^ing Bizzy Tiger Yoon mirae” was probably on the shortlist of names – this group has three of the biggest rappers in the k-hip-hop scene.

But does “Sweet Dream”, their 2013 single as a trio, do justice to this amalgamation?

These three have been on the track before, collaborating on the Konrad OldMoney remix for M.I.B.’s “G.D.M.”, but MFBTY focuses squarely on the trio, with “Sweet Dream” playing to their strengths. These tracks, however, don’t push in unique ways.

BizzyTigerYoonmirae” brings back freestyle rap to the mainstream, but that’s taken from the ROK hip-hop and FREESTYLE TOWN, while “Sweet Dream” is another on a long list of hip-hop dance tracks with two veins of production. That’s not to their discredit, since MFBTY are seasoned rappers and showing it. As a rap exercise, “BizzyTigerYoonmirae” is stellar, with T giving CL a run for her self-appointed, though not won, title of “baddest female”, and before names like Huckleberry P and Zico entered the speed rap game, Tiger JK was the original, with the speed and bite of a well-trained bulldog. Bizzy, unfortunately, is outshined by the power couple, adapting a delivery that’s indistinguishable from Tiger JK. As a great English lyricist (check out his contribution to B-Free’s “Coffee Break” for a primer), I expected some of that instead of the cat’s cradle he created that’s hard to make sense of. As a whole, MFBTY has legs to stand on; it just needs to work on its gait.

For artists who made their name before the Hallyu Wave, some have gone by way of the television, becoming judges. JYP tries to create the next “K-pop Star”, and Kim Kyung Ho tries to convince audiences of who the next “Top Band” should be. Yoon Mi Rae has not escaped the lure of the tiny screen, working as a panelist for the “Super Star K” series. Many of these legends haven’t released new material in a long time, making money off their name and catalog instead.

Thankfully, Jungle Entertainment’s money makers have put their name back in the ring with “Sweet Dream”. Both a callback to hip-hop’s freestyle past and a longing to be where fans currently are, MFBTY represents a shift in priorities for Jungle, and one I’m certainly excited about.


Score: 4/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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