[Review] [Single] BoA – “Disturbance”


written by: MystifiedBulb

Created as a special release for her upcoming tour, BoA‘s latest digital single entitled “Disturbance” perhaps bucks a trend seen in SM Entertainment‘s productions. This is due to the fact that BoA not only wrote the track in question but also produced it – these two concepts are not seen often in the esteemed company’s works which perhaps shows how much the company has invested in and trusts the proclaimed ‘Queen of K-Pop’. But the question is, is it actually any good?

The first thing that hits the listener is the sense of familiarity of the track as it sounds rather similar to “Only One” released by BoA last year. This is no bad thing as “Only One” was beautiful and placed BoA’s vocals in the best light possible. So, it is obvious to say that “Disturbance” pretty much does the same – it’s a melancholy and sweet soul-tinged R’n’B number about a failing relationship, that, like “Only One”, displayed BoA’s strengths without highlighting her weaknesses.

She may not be the strongest vocalist in K-Pop, but BoA doesn’t ever try too hard to correct this (which would result in a mess) and it is this restraint which is such a joy to listen to. Again, this can be put down to the fact that BoA was in control of the production. Perhaps this makes a case for more idols to take control and produce music of their own liking?

To say the track is perfect would be wrong. It’s brilliant, but it lacks a certain something – to be frank, it could be that BoA’s delivery, whilst being comfortable and measured, lacks a certain emotional depth. Being a native English speaker in a western country, my knowledge of Korean is practically non-existent. Therefore, when listening to music in a different language, the lyrics wash over me, as they did in this song. However, it’s usually obvious to determine the overall message of the track just from the presentation of the track, whereas “Disturbance” left me confused. The overall sound is lush, but the lasting emotional sentiment wasn’t striking.


Score: 4/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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