[Review] [Single] May Doni – “Beginning”

2013_may doni

written by: lolpenny

They say that there is a broken heart for every light on Broadway but the false starts and broken promises that have littered May Doni’s career could probably light up at least an alley way or two. She was supposed to debut through YG Entertainment but didn’t, featured on an obscure Cho PD song that went no where and then released an EP that no one listened to and fewer remember.

And now she’s released a two song single under the carefully hopeful title ‘Beginning‘.

Her new beginning starts with a ballad possibly to show off her stellar pipes but more likely to capitalize on the tail end of winter’s ballad season. The song itself is okay in the same way that idol ballads are all okay. There’s a piano line, dramatic strings, and a minor key but the composition is left lacking.

The instrumentation and her vocals are never quite in sync. She’s whispering the line while the synths soar; she’s reaching for high notes and the melody goes nowhere. It makes the song disconnected, confusing and a bit dull.

The other song on the single pushes tempo just enough to be interesting and May Doni’s BoA-esque nasal tone is marginally less noticeable. But other than that it isn’t much of an improvement. It’s still messy like the pieces aren’t quite put together correctly. She sings over the rap lines instead of around them, and the synths in the chorus are intrusive and weird.


So another swing and miss for May Doni. Talent only takes you so far in this game and without proper management and exposure most artists are doomed to irrelevancy.


Score: 1.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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