[Review] [Single] Taewan/C-Luv – “Midnight No.1 Song”


written by: drowningn00b

Sex in K-Pop is expressed in extreme ways. The concept of sexual relations has become so new and shocking that the words don’t come easily. Miss A can’t breathe right and literally run out of words after having lips on them. Son Dambi dances around the issue in “Bad Boy”, so it’s no wonder JYP’s “Kiss” will never be the standard his other single, “Honey”, has become. With censorshop the way it is, frank sexual expression in music will go the way of the dodo.

One way artists go around this is through English. Jay Park turned up the chauvinistic pig meter to 11 on his all-English mixtape ‘Fresh A!R: Breath!T‘, talking about threesomes, unprotected anal sex and using marijuana while having sex. What this creates is two extremes: either we can’t talk about it at all, or we become so graphic that safe sex is too naïve.

In a middle of the road approach, producer turned singer Taewan/C-Luv starts his solo career as a singer with the single, “Midnight No.1 Song”. The song is a recreation of other baby-making R&B songs. It has the sensuality of Rain’s “Love Song” and the percussive punch of Kim Hyung Joong’s “Break Down”, but not as catchy. It is tepid, at best, but what caught my attention is his description of sex. While neither virginal nor raunchy, C-Luv uses metaphors and play-by-play descriptions that are more Harlequin romance than Penthouse letters:

Dang, girl I can’t hold it anymore.

I can’t explain it to you,

You gotta touch me back,

How are you gonna give it back?

No one’s gonna love me like this.

Add in his allegory to today’s booty call practice in “press my Number, call me when you need me like (Damn)”, and what you get is C-Luv wanting to do the naughty, but not so forward to take it; an empowering idea of “You’re gonna like it, but only if you say yes.”


What the censors fail to understand is that there is an audience that wants this style of music. We’re not afraid of sex and drugs, and Taewan’s “Midnight No.1 Song”, though an average sex romp, is an invitation to something different, but not uncommon.


Score: 3/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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