The ‘Do You Know K-Pop?’ Party in NYC presented by Essentic promises all kinds of classic K-Pop fun

K-Pop_Spotlight_Essentic_March 2013

To all my NYC based readership — here’s a dope event happening tomorrow that is quite relevant to your needs!

What: Do You Know K-Pop?
Who: Essentic – DJs Jinetic & Sammy the Lost Boy – MC JKey
When: Friday, March 29th 9 p.m.
Where: Spotlight NYC – 23 West 32nd Street, 4th Floor

No cover; 21+

Why? A place for new-age fans to familiarize themselves with A-shaped H.O.T hairdo, when Hyori was fine killing liberty, and Yoo Seung-joon had entire parts of Queens, New York, growing out a string of hair and dyeing it yellow. Essentic considers itself as an archivist, surviving K-pop shifts, transcending the time. Sharing a period of K-pop when it wasn’t all 120-bpm-plus.

An evening for those that know K-pop from the early ’90s, and those that discovered the phenomenon in recent years. Check out both new and old Psy. Big Bang and 1Tym. Girls’ Generation and S.E.S. Where else are you going to hear Drunken Tiger and 2NE1 simultaneously?

H.O.T and Hyori in the same sentence? SOLD.


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