[Review] [Mini-Album] Kim Taewoo – ‘T-LOVE’

2013_kim taewoo_t-love

written by: rickyom
Artist/Album: Kim Taewoo – ‘T-LOVE’
Genre: Pop, Dance
Release Date: February 20, 2013

1st generation idol leader Kim Taewoo is back this year with his 4th mini-album, ‘T-LOVE‘ after getting married.

Starting off with a fresh upbeat track, we have “또또“. Vibes of a live performance due to the added crowd noises makes this opening track seem much more livelier than most things I’ve listened to. Taewoo’s raw vocal delivery shows that he still has the vigor of giving his utmost best and it shines in this rather surprising opener that gives off a lot of positive energy. Guitar riffs lead us to the title song “Cosmic Girl“. The chorus pulls back the song from what the beginning tricked into believing. There’s only so much the soloist can do to try and keep the song going, and it falls back slightly, perhaps a backlash from the amazing opening song.

Megan Lee opens “오빠” on a sweet note. Both vocalists create a great chemistry giving each other a chance to sing a line in an enjoyable duet set-up. Perfect harmony and ad-libs close up the second half of the fluffy ballad.

Lovecoaster” takes a retro turn that the title song tried to sample in its chorus. But here it’s done more fluidly, where Taewoo gives us lots more falsetto, making it seem much lighter than the song actually is. It does end rather abruptly, though. Taewoo sounds most stripped and raw on the last track “언제나, 어디든“. But that doesn’t really stop it from seeming too tedious.

Kim Taewoo gives us great songs in the first half of this release, while the latter half falls short of that, particularly the closing number. But there is no denying that he’s still got it for an experienced singer in the ever expanding Korean music industry.



Cosmic Girl
Points scale
0 – could do without
0.5 – mediocre/filler
0.75 – pretty good/grew on me
1 – liked immediately
언제나, 어디든
Total Points

Points to stars conversion: [(3.75/5) x 5] + 0.25*


*there is a 0.25 bonus for every album. The logic is that, if every song were “pretty good”, it’s a 4-star album.

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