[Review] [Single] GI (Global Icon) – “Beatles”


written by: McRoth
Artist/Single: GI – “Beatles”
Genre: Hip-hop, Pop
Release Date: April 03, 2013

Rookie girl group GIGlobal Icon – released “Beatles” this week, and it is a hype builder.

While the hip-hop beat is nothing special, there’s a tension and grit to the hook that is instantly engaging. It’s a dark song, but the glimmers of the key change in the pre-chorus add a sweet juxtaposition to the arrangement. However, the song does suffer from broken-record syndrome, meaning it gets super repetitive rather quickly, and here’s where a better lead single would have been ideal.

Here’s what I think: GI reminds me of 2NE1 circa 2009, except with a far less impressive PR strategy. Quite honestly, if GI had a stronger, smarter and braver promotional push with their debut single “Beatles“, I think they could have made one of the biggest statements this year. Instead, Sim Tong Entertainment, the group’s label, followed a basic teaser-to-MV format and planted GI in a basic debut stage, whereas (just for comparison purposes) 2NE1 had a uniquely badass stage that served as an introduction correctly emphasizing their individual fortes, charms, and styles. Just smaller details like utilizing 2NE1’s “Pretty Boy” as a hype song to “Fire” – their actual hype song – built a momentous statement worth remembering.

If anything, GI’s “Beatles” should be their “Pretty Boy” to an even greater lead single, and then interests would really be piqued. I don’t mean to imply that GI should or should have mirrored 2NE1, because there’s no competition and I wouldn’t want that, but just the construction of a stronger overall statement (leaving the obvious gimmicks behind) could have gone in really awesome directions with this track.

The potential is all there, though, so here’s hoping their company doesn’t leave that untapped.


Score: 2.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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4 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] GI (Global Icon) – “Beatles”

  1. The m/v confused me with all those rhino shots lol. I agree that it feels like a hype song. I thought there was a bit too much autotune, but I don’t think the song’s bad. I felt it dragged a bit though. I want to keep an eye on them

  2. I like this review! Appearance wise, I do think they could pull of the tomboyish looks.
    I’m thinking can you review 2AM’s One Spring Day? I know the album is like one month old but I think the album is great and so far, it’s their best release. I’ll appreciate it if you can review the album because I always love your reviews. Thanks =3

  3. The only thing that’s good about this is their ‘badass attitude’ aside from that: Boring, Its almost forgetable, almost because the song sucks itself but the whole concept is kinda interesting. And yeah, they should be punished for using ‘beatles’ as title for that single! AND. Autotune should be ilegal! Hahahah..

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