[Review] [Single] 15& – “Somebody”


written by: McRoth
Artist/Single: 15& – “Somebody”
Genre: Pop, Dance
Release Date: April 07, 2013

Park Jimin and Baek Yerin of K-Pop Star fame — now under JYP Entertainment — hit a very bizarre note last year when they debuted with the overly subdued single “I Dream“. While not a terrible song, its complete lack of energy was a poor musical hook for a rookie group to ride and it didn’t do much to impress. Considering how incredibly talented these young singers are, it’s an understatement to say they deserved better.

This year, JYP has made certain not to repeat any offenses with 15&‘s comeback single, “Somebody“. And to his credit, he hasn’t.

Sitting perfectly in line with the Wonder Girls‘ “Be My Baby” and Miss A‘s “Breathe“, 15&’s single is a fun and bouncy dance song that possesses all of JYP’s trademark production value (although produced by the likes of Ryan S. Jhun of Marcan Entertainment, whose work stretches many a wonderful discography), without making the actual vocalists sound too terrible. Which is a big win because with voices like these, it would be a crime to skew perception of value in all the wrong ways like can happen under this company from time to time.

With great voices happening, all that’s left is the instrumental, and my-oh-my is this a nice one. Again, JYP’s bareness in execution is showing, but it works here. The plucking of the sitar (an Indian stringed instrument) adds a very interesting and somewhat odd contrast to the highly pop-y melodies in the verses. There are moments in the song where it disappears completely, and it’s noticeable, but then it all comes together in a well-woven chorus lead by a super catchy line of somobody‘s and everyone is happy.

“Somebody”, like my dear friend Nicole of Pop Reviews Now has noted in her excellent review, is effortless and perfectly youthful and I think that’s exactly what these young singers needed to stand on their own as a strong pop ensemble.


Score: 4/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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6 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] 15& – “Somebody”

  1. “it’s an understatement to say they deserved better.”

    my thoughts exactly… i can say Park Jimin has better vocals than Lee Hi but when Lee Hi is killing the charts with 1234.. 15& debuted with a forgettable ballad and it didn’t make a big impact as much a Lee Hi did.. well better late than never ..
    the song is catchy and it shows off their voices well.
    i hope they build up 15&’s style from this track.. definitely a step in the right direction

  2. I was pleasantly surprised by this release. After their first song which was so boring I really wasn’t anticipating this, but it’s a really good pop song. I would give it a 4/5 too.
    Also I feel kind of bad for Park Jimin because Lee Hi is doing so well right now, I hope this song does well, she deserves it.

    Btw McRoth, anticipating your review of K.Will’s new album :D

  3. I’m really sad that people are resorting to pitting these girls (Jimin and Lee Hi) against each other. They’re both great in their own right and I’m so tired of the trivial, juvenile matchup people keep exhibiting of these two. On another note, this song is what they needed! It’s what they should have come out with first. I’m glad Jimin gets to show her diva side.

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