Princeton University ‘EastCon’ to Analyze K-Pop and the Rise of Asian Pop Music

EastCon Poster

Dear NY/NJ area based readership,

Here’s an event you should definitely attend this weekend — it’s EastCon, a student-run and organized conference that focuses on bringing critical perspectives to East Asian pop culture. They’re the only annual conference of their kind in the country, and are having their first conference this weekend in Lewis Library on the Princeton University campus April 26-27!

We will be look­ing at the con­tem­po­rary music scene, includ­ing the Kpop artists who have been the focus of global atten­tion, as well as the pop­u­lar and under­ground music of Japan, China, Korea and else­where. This will be an oppor­tu­nity to build and develop research on the vibrant cul­tural envi­ron­ment in East Asia. This con­fer­ence will include a myr­iad of activ­i­ties from keynote speak­ers, pre­sen­ters, intel­lec­tual dis­cus­sions facil­i­tated by aca­d­e­mic mod­er­a­tors, and an end­ing social mixer. — EastCon website

Here are five reasons you should register to attend EastCon:

  1. They are the only undergraduate conference of their kind in the US.
  2. keynote speaker Mr. Woo Taek Kim – the CEO/Producer of NEW (Next Entertainment World).  Mr. Kim has produced some of the most popular films in Korean cinema history, and his latest film, “Miracle in Cell No. 7” (“7번방의 선물”) recently broke records to become the 3rd most viewed film in Korean history.
  3. Faculty panel – Prof. Leheny (EAS), Prof. Manabe (MUS), Dr. Wrenn, Dr. Dwyer, and Hae Joo Kim.
  4. Presenters from all around the US and world will be speaking
  5. fun workshops!

The schedule is as follows:

Panel 1: Exotic Eco­nom­ics and New Cultures

  • “Neolib­er­al­ism and the Effects of Plas­tic Surgery in Korean Pop Music” by Rupa Jogani
  • “Assem­blages of the Pop­u­lar: Plu­ral­ism, Musi­cal Iden­ti­ties and the Ques­tion of the Fourth World” by Bee Vang
  • “The Tsugaru-jamisen Field: Toward a Gen­eral Under­stand­ing of the Rela­tion­ship of Artist, Indus­try, and Habi­tus” by Joshua Solomon
  • “The Rise of Asian Pop music and the rise of Asian economies– the enter­tain­ment indus­try and national eco­nomic devel­op­ment” by Zhi­jun Xu, Qiaoxi Guo, Yingjuan Wang
  • “Drum­ming and Desire: Cin­e­matic Rep­re­sen­ta­tions of Taiko” by Michaela Karis

Panel 2: Transnationalism

  • “Korean Pop: Trans­la­tion of Cul­ture through Fan­doms” by Lindsey Crowe
  • “Inclu­sive Exclu­sion: How Gang­nam Style Broke the Lan­guage Bar­rier” by Alexan­der Hintenach
  • “Global Fans: “Celebrity,” Fan Cul­ture and K-Pop” by Gillian Stone
  • “Korean Pop Idols as Transna­tional Prod­ucts” by Jen­nifer Stanley
  • “Local­iza­tion of Korean Pop Music in Hong Kong” by Phoebe Chau

Panel 3: Gender

  • “Sex­u­al­ized Back­lash against K-pop” in Japan by Tet­sumi Yamaguchi
  • “How Per­cep­tions of Fem­i­nin­ity are influ­enced by pop artists” by Xinyan Peng
  • “Kawaii in Japan­ese Pop­u­lar Cul­ture” by Cas­san­dra Newcomb
  • “K-pop stars influ­ence on Korean and Dan­ish fans view on plas­tic surgery and beauty ideal: A com­par­a­tive study” by Jean­nie Wagner

Panel 4: Tech­nol­ogy and Dig­i­tal Mediums

  • “Hat­sune Miku” by Chad Ralston
  • “Show me Your Moves!: Japan­ese Music and Dance as a Global Cul­ture through Dance Dance Rev­o­lu­tion” by Edward Ly
  • “Music in Anime: Unveil­ing It Mes­sages” by Eliz­a­beth Nelson
  • “Dig­i­tal Divas and Singing Com­put­ers — Enter­ing the Online World of Vocaloid” by Anica Odell-Smedley

Don’t forget to register!


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