[Review] [Single] Girl’s Day – “Female President”

2013_girls day_female president

written by: McRoth
Artist and Single: Girl’s Day – “Female President”
Genre: Dance, Pop, Idol
Release Date: June 24, 2013

I’ll just be quick with this and say that for all of Girl’s Day‘s low-quality singles, they’ve more than made up for their company’s questionably poor taste this year, not only by upgrading their production value, but also implementing the specks of specialty and uniqueness they’ve been showing us into some pretty fantastic earworms.

It’s always a joy to hear music that doesn’t force its likability on us for the sake of sticking and is, more or less, an actual well-thought out piece of work with foolproof musical elements that just sounds good. Girl’s Day’s newest single, “Female President”, is one of the best examples of this this year, and a particularly interesting case at that, as Girl’s Day have also caved in releasing music that shows how to do this the wrong way (i.e: “Twinkle, Twinkle”). “Female President” possesses great build up, clean instrumentation, and melodies melodies melodies. The redundancy is kept to a minimum and if nothing else, brings to the table a very engaging wave of energy that is incredibly difficult to bypass. Even non-fans (like myself) will have a hard time fighting the urge to hit repeat.


Where Girl’s Day’s “Expectation” toned down the cutesy factor for a bit more of a serious approach than we were used  to, they resuscitate their core charm in full sweeps of glory in “Female President”, and do it with grace, conviction, and a newfound sophistication.

The best takeaway, though, is that this sounds like plain, good ole’ K-Pop. It’s not exactly groundbreaking and isn’t pushing boundaries, but as far as musicality is concerned it’s one of the cleanest representations of the leaps and bounds K-Pop has tumbled through over the last few years, especially in the girlgroups department. Girl’s Day are on the right path and are living proof that K-Pop is exponentially more enjoyable when it isn’t trying hard.


Score: 4.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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10 thoughts on “[Review] [Single] Girl’s Day – “Female President”

  1. I agree completely! Though, I somehow wish the lyrics were a little less general…if that makes sense (it’s always about kissing and loving and dating…booooring) XD

      • Yeah, the sound of the song itself is really good imo (better than their previous releases anyway). Unfortunately for me, I can understand what they’re saying, so the bland lyrics anger me. Also, I think they used the title “Female President” for exposure/to garner interest, even though it isn’t really used in the song itself.

        • My issue is that they’ve basically belittled the fact that Korea has a “female president.” Though you probably understand it better than I do, saying that having a female president should allow girls to ask guys out is ridiculously demeaning to all the efforts women have made to try to get into politics at an equal level as men. It’s not going to stop me from listening to the song, but it would have been better to not include the “female president” part.

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  3. “K-Pop is exponentially more enjoyable when it isn’t trying hard”
    I agree with you. A Nice flow, catchy beat, and a badass choreography. These are the only things I want. No need to be a tryhard on being “ground breaking” or “innovative”. There are times where “less is more” works better.

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