[Full MV] B.A.P eases fans into comeback with “Coffee Shop”

B.A.P‘s been extremely busy this year. After a semi-world-ish tour, the boys are back with their first of three comeback singles, “Coffee Shop”.

Well, on the up side: this is a very welcomed change to the redundancy that has become B.A.P’s discography. While I may no longer consider myself a fan of theirs to any measurable degree, I do have to say that for what it is, this song isn’t half bad. It’s good to hear all of the members singing. Additionally, the mellow style of “Coffee Shop” minimizes Bang Yongguk‘s rap to something a bit less obnoxious than the usual, while Zelo‘s whiplash between singing and rapping is by far the most pleasant thing to happen here.

Also, Daehyun isn’t belting. Win.

Visually, though, they look aaaaamazzzzingggggg. I am all for the clean, slightly preppy-slightly edgy look and these guys did it well. The video itself is pretty pointless (that is, if we’re ignoring the fact that making B.A.P look beautiful was the point), but I still enjoyed how warm it came across.

What do you think of B.A.P’s latest single? Is it everything you were hoping for? Let me know in the comments section below and don’t forget to Tweet me @rothsresidence and follow McRoth’s Residence on Facebook!


3 thoughts on “[Full MV] B.A.P eases fans into comeback with “Coffee Shop”

  1. Song is meh. I didn’t watch the video cuz I wasn’t really interested. This is coming from a Bang Yong Guk fan…Yeah, this was kind of a disappointment for me.

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