[Review] [Single] Brown Eyed Girls – “Recipe”

2013_brown eyed girls_recipe

written by: McRoth
Artist and Single: Brown Eyed Girls – “Recipe”
Genre: Dance Pop
Release Date: July 09, 2013

Brown Eyed Girls need very little gimmick when it comes to music. As BEG provide some of the most organic and well thought-out mainstream music in Korean pop today, it’s no surprise “Recipe”, the group’s July pre-release single, is another perfectly sweet example of their level of finesse and how in tune they continue to be with who they are as Korean pop stars.

Much like their back-to-basics approach in their previous work, Brown Eyed Girls approach their latest release with a light hand on the levers. With Primary at the production’s helm, BEG’s velvety smooth vocals bleed well with the light-retro arrangement.

Narsha and Ga-in‘s whispers are, in an interesting way, quite warm on the ear, while Jea holds back from over throwing the song’s feel-good demeanor with crazy vocal acrobatics.

If anyone outshines the rest here, though, it is hands down rapper Miryo, who, thanks to Primary’s hip-hop inclinations, is in complete control of the song’s flow. She drives the choruses and the verses like a trained professional and never really allows herself to release that focus, because as you’ll hear, suits her talents to a T.

It’s difficult for a rapper to wedge rapped sections into a pop song without it feeling complicated – particularly in K-Pop – but BEG did good in welcoming Primary to their party, because he knew how to bring out the best in Miryo’s raps without compromising the rest of the vocal roster. In turn, the song moves in very sensual steps; much like the steps Brown Eyed Girls detail in this “Recipe”.


Score: 3.5/5

Singles of any kind are not rated with the same rating system used for mini and full albums.

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