MR Interview: Producer DR talks K-Pop, EXO, and where he sees K-Pop in the future!


It’s been a hot minute since I last talked to global producer and singer/songwriter DR about his K-Pop endeavors – he’s worked with everyone from Lee Hyori to rookie group EXO, if you didn’t know – and recently, I shot him a few questions to see what he’s been up to and find out what he’s been working on in K-Pop recently.

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Q:  Last time we talked, it was 2011 and you had just finished work on Super Junior’s “Mr. Simple” album. How has life been since then and what musical opportunities have opened up for you afterward?

A:  It’s been an amazing ride and it just keeps getting better.  I’ve been working with more Korean artists as well as a lot more work with US artists and Canadian artists as well.  It’s also been pretty hectic between DJing and performing at shows and events, running between studios with writing and producing and travelling between countries on different projects.  Working with Super Junior, Hyori Lee, U-kiss and SHINee have definitely opened up a lot of doors for me on national and international levels.

Q:  You have several years as a K-Pop producer under your belt now. What has kept you coming back to K-Pop?

A:  A combination of things.  For one, I get to working on so many different artists that require such different aspects of production and music that it keeps me challenged and fresh with new ideas and concepts which I always enjoy.  Also the international market for K-pop music in general has completely opened up now with artists like Psy dominating the world stage.  The gap between North American music and K-Pop is so close now and because I work so much within both those those worlds it only makes sense that I continue to develop and progress with K-pop.  Plus the world of K-pop is still a genre that I get to flex different music “muscles” in.  It’s always fun, high-energy and exciting.

Q:  Your recent work came in the form of “Peter Pan” on EXO’s comeback album ‘XOXO’. Did the boys do it justice?

A:  Completely!  I’m so happy the song turned out the way it did.  My original cut of “Peter Pan” didn’t have all the adlib vocals you hear from the boys on the album cut.  They really went in on this record and made it their own.  I’m also very proud of how well their album is doing and how the fans are reacting to it.

Q:  What trends in K-Pop and mainstream music in general are on the rise and you think will make the biggest impact in the coming years?

A: It’s no secret that K-pop in general is on the rise and is really starting to take the international spotlight.  I think the natural trend will be to start discovering more and more K-Pop artists and talent from right here in North America.  It’s already happening with artists like Henry from Canada and Jay Park from the US.  Look at and 2NE1 and you’ll see that K-Pop is becoming more and more accepted as mainstream as the months and years continue.  If you haven’t been to an SM concert in America, you won’t believe how many fans K-Pop has out here.  It’s gonna get even bigger!

Q:  Can we look forward to more of your work in K-Pop soon?

A:  OF COURSE! haha  Though I’ve been working with K-pop artists for the past few years I feel like it’s only the beginning.  There is so much more to come.  There are some things in motion that I can’t talk about yet for record label and privacy reasons but there will be so much more of my work in K-Pop music in the upcoming months and years for sure.

Q:  Any final words to your readers?

A:  I have nothing but gratitude for any of my fans and readers.  It’s because of you guys that my songs are playing and our projects are doing so well.  Stay up to date with all things DR, my shows, artists I’m working with, pictures, music and video by visiting my website and chatting with me on twitter.  I try to answer everyone that hollers at me.  I always appreciate you guys and can’t wait to share more music with you soon.

stay in touch with DR –
Twitter: @theofficialdr


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