Announcement: The end of an era …


And by an era, I mean, like, four years.

Hello, guys, and thanks so much for being loyal enough to be here today to read this very minor-ish announcement. Before anything, I’d like to extend an apology for halting reviews on McRoth’s Residence so abruptly. The thing is, the irregularity in posting reviews comes at a time when my dedication to McRoth’s Residence has dropped by a significant semitone. To put it very simply:

Come the end of the year I’ll be retiring McRoth’s Residence. I know. I’ve been at this for a while, and though I’ve announced such departures before, I am at a place where, because I can’t prioritize running a K-Pop site into my everyday life, I’m very comfortable letting go. It’s a responsibility I’m finding difficult to file and keep up with, though I try. Which means that by the end of December, McRoth’s Residence will henceforth be inactive and remain so permanently.

I thank you guys for all of the love you’ve shown this blog, and most importantly, for reading. If it weren’t for the exposure of McRoth’s Residence, I don’t think I would be where I am today in the K-Pop stratosphere, and not nearly as interconnected with the people I’ve come to meet and adore. You’ve given so much to me as readers and I firmly believe that I’ve given enough as a K-Pop writer to bow out with pride and excitement for the things to come.

I had planed to announce this publicly on the blog’s October anniversary, but thanks to my big-fat mouth and lack of self-control, I went ahead and spoke of this blog’s retirement a few weeks in advance. I guess there’s no proper time to bid farewell, right?

I will work my hardest to wrap up this arc with — you guessed it — my end-of year best of lists, which will be this blog’s final hurrah. Yay! And I will continue to set a standard in K-Pop reviews as I take with me what I’ve learned, because at the end of the day that’s been the goal of McRoth’s Residence all along.

So while I prepare my next review, remember that you can always keep up with me on the regular through Twitter @rothsresidence, Facebook, and Tumblr. I’m not leaving completely (more on this in a later post), so stay close, updated and awesome.

Here’s a super cute Jaejin GIF for your amusement.

Jae Jin6

20 thoughts on “Announcement: The end of an era …

  1. Gonna miss your review…really miss them. It’s been a while that I know it but sore some odd reason I still tear up reading the announcement. Wish you the best in all your future project ^_^

  2. Going to miss reading your reviews as there are not many good and objective reviewers out there and thanks for all the hard work in the last 4 years.

    • Thanks for the kind words!

      The writers are totally bummed, but I’m confident they’ll end up doing their own thing elsewhere on the net, and I’ll be right there to support them.

  3. /ugly sobbing/ gonna miss your reviews.. you’re the best out there! thanks for everything all these while..

    ps: thanks for posting jaejin’s gif too lol

  4. I was literally crying (no, seriously) after just finishing watching Secretly, Greatly. Now I’m wailing like a whale. Thanks a…l…o……t. *cries harder* Nuuu, I’m gonna miss your amazing reviews so much! T T<3

  5. This news makes me sad. I’m going to miss those e-mails appearing in my inbox notifying me of a new review :,(
    But all the best for the future and keep following your passions!

  6. thank you so much for all your posts over the years! I can’t believe I’ve been reading this blog for basically 3 years! I still check it almost daily. I’m glad you’re moving on to better things though! I’ve learned a lot about music through you and Nikki, and I loved seeing how different people viewed pop, with equally valid review. Best of luck

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