Announcement: What’s next …

Hi guys! You seem to have taken the news of the retirement of this blog well.

I’m back with additional information and I promise it’s good news. To those of you who were expecting me to retire from reviewing for good especially, this should be music to your ears.

While I made it very clear to you and to myself that running a blog was just no longer in my interest, I knew that a legit departure from the core foundation of what made McRoth’s Residence such a blast to be a part of (the writing) was not going to happen. I am by no means a great writer, but it is something that I enjoy greatly. So I chose to strip myself of the responsibilities that come with running a blog and have decided to focus the energy I know I can dedicate to this fandom into something I love to do, in or out of K-Pop, and that is to write. If I knew I wanted to be expressive without the weight of all that is (or was) McRoth’s Residence, it had to be this way.

So what I’m really trying to get to is that I have not quit writing reviews. In fact, I will continue to write about K-Pop music, and do so regularly. Having started last week, actually, I am now contributing to the loud minority of intelligent K-Pop music lovers out there via my brand new column, entitled ‘McRoth’s K-Pop Scoreboard’, for the super kind people of Kpopstarz.com. It was an opportunity that presented itself quite by chance, but occurred at the most opportune moment for me.

Being able to continue on this lovely path as a writer means so much, and I’ve taken this fresh change in pace as a chance to modify and improve the way I approach reviews, which in part I hope will modify and improve the way music is reviewed. Fans of the McRoth’s Residence Scorecard will be glad to see that I’ve decided to apply an evaluation section to my articles, but the better change that I’m hoping readers will enjoy will come in the content and structure of the reviews themselves.

If you’re just glad to know that I’m still kicking or are curious to read where I’m taking my writing, here’s a link to my first published thing on Kpopstarz! I’m looking forward to your feedback and thoughts on how I can better progress my reviews, so please let me know.

Finally, I am going to expand my horizons and write editorials that are not album reviews. It’s something I’ve wanted to do, and I feel like this is the best time to make that happen. You guys love to ask me about vocal commentary and my thoughts on things that expand on musicality and this is the way I’m going to respond. That means, if you have any ideas for fun editorials (like the popular: “Who would be in your ideal boyband!?!”), go ahead and throw them my way via my tumblr ask box. Speaking of which, I am always on there, spazzing about Dongwoon on the daily, so don’t forget to follow me, as it will soon become the only way to know I still give shits about K-Pop. That is, if you’re not following my column on Kpopstarz, which I’m hoping you will because you love me, right?

All of the best and I will talk to you guys later!

~ McRoth

dongwoon sign language


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