Since its conception in the Fall of 2009 by its creator and founder, Arnold ~ commonly known as ‘McRoth‘ ~ McRoth’s Residence has become one of the top visited blogs for Korean pop music reviews. McRoth’s Residence began as any other lonesome blog, and by Spring 2010, developed a unexpected following of like-minded individuals with a common interest:

to enjoy Korean pop music, as well as challenge it in a compelling (and often times comical) fashion through review and commentary.

“I enjoy Korean pop music to the extreme, and because of that fact, I express both my excitement and vehement opinions about what I listen to through my reviews. I have my tastes and my beliefs about pop music, and I take those very seriously. While I maintain my opinions are right and as true to who I am as a musical admirer, they are not facts, and shouldn’t be taken personally or as a personal attack from me to the artist(s) in question. I review because I a.) love music, and b.) love to write. It’s more than a past time, but a job. So I extend my respect as a reviewer to my readers, because I expect an equal level of respect in return.” — McRoth

McRoth has been writing reviews for roughly two years. As a Korean pop music fanatic, There’s an appreciation for quality that takes precedence in his (yes, HIS) writing and it’s the basis for passing judgement in music reviews.

In 2011, McRoth opened the platform of McRoth’s Residence for proficient writers to voice their standpoints (via op-ed editorials, or review) on Korean music along side the blog’s primary reviewer. This new Team of writers are as follows:


Founder/Primary Reviewer: ‘McRoth

Contributing Writer: ‘lolpenny
Contributing Writer: ‘drowningn00b
Contributing Writer: ‘TESTAMENTVM
Contributing Writer: ‘Compliant
Contributing Writer: ‘renshukki
Contributing Writer: ‘rickyom
Contributing Writer: ‘MystifiedBulb
Contributing Writer: ‘wordkills

Past Writers:



Mcroth is a busy man. Here’s an up-to-date run down of his contributions around the net:

American K-Pop Fans | americankpopfans.com (June 2012 – Present)
Managing Editor

Kpopremix | kpopremix.com (October 2011 – August 2012)
Managing Editor

Asian Junkie | http://www.asianjunkie.com/ (October 2011 – Present)

6Theory Media, LLC. | http://www.allkpop.com/ (January 2011 – October 2011)
Writer/Music Reviews

Mixr Media, LLC. | http://ningin.com/ (March 2010 – January 2011)

Babelpop | http://babelpop.com/ (2010 – 2012)
Contributing Editor


32 thoughts on “About

  1. Love your blog. I find that it’s a refreshing take on Kpop. And the fact that it’s coming from a guy makes it even more fantastic.

  2. Hey, just found you when Asian Pop Addict shouted you out on twitter. Just saying hello to a fellow Texan (and a fanboy)!

  3. Hey! I just read your review of SeungRi’s album on allkpop and i just wanted to say it’s nice to hear the likes and dislikes of a fellow male-fan:)! Your blog looks pretty cool and i’ll be sure to check in from now on! I don’t have a K-blog yet but i’m thinking about it since i’m obviously also a huge k-everything fan!
    Anyway, keep up the good work and of course..KPop rocks;)!
    Have a good day…
    xoxo from Paris, France

  4. I have just started viewing your blog, three weeks ago and i love it. You have definitely expressed the musical side to kpop and your reviews are very entertaining. Please keep writing and reviewing for a long time, the kpop world needs fresh blogs like this :D

  5. Hey, McRoth!!! You are such a beyond talented music reviewer, I hope you can somehow weave it into your future career. The skillfulness in which you choose your words is pretty frightening, actually ^^..your structure and color of everything you write is airtight and intuitive. you have a gift of phenomenal ears and a good sense of communication present it to the rest of the world. You’ve inspired me a lot, so thank you for your wonderful reviews!! Kpop needs more voices like yours!!!

    and it would make my day, no kidding, if you checked out my blog at http://musicaldialect.wordpress.com/ :)
    and i’d totally be up for doing a review for yours, if you’re interested!!

    • Aw, shucks, you’re too kind!

      I just took a peek at your blog, and WOWZERS, there’s so much content on it! Good stuff ;D

      I think, rather than reviewing for me, you should definitely build up your blog, because you seem to be passionate about what you’re talking about and I’m sure people will be interested in what you’ve got to say. I’m also a busy busy bumble bee at the moment, so I think I’ve reached the max contributing writers for my blog, at least for now.

      Instead, I’ll be glad to exchange links! I’ll add you to my blogroll…in 3…2…1…

      • Thank you!! And you have a reasonable idea, I’ll keep on working hard on my own material :)
        do you have any tips or suggestions for getting my blog out there???

        • The easiest thing is to drop comments on the blogs and sites that you like and that have a similar readership as what you’re aiming for (like you’ve done here). You’ll find yourself ‘socializing’ with other bloggers, and the pay-off is that your relationship with them eventually becomes a network. Readers will trickle in if you know your niche and remain true to what you like. :)

          • sorry for the late reply, but thank you so much for your advice :)
            and while i’m here, a question i’ve liked to ask for a while… what are the specific things that you find special about korean music??

  6. Hey, I stumbled across your blog through PopReviewsNow’s blogroll- I never knew you were the same dude who wrote reviews for allkpop!

    I find your opinion on music and whatnot really interesting. I was just wondering who your favourite KPop artists were?
    Also, I was wondering what you thought of SNSD? Do you like, dislike or are you indifferent to them? I sometimes think you’re indifferent, but you seem to take one or two jabs at Sunny every now and then? I’m guessing you don’t like her much?

    • PRN! I’ve known her ~ Nikki ~ for a while now :)

      My favorites vary, but right now I’m really feeling B2ST, 2NE1, and miss A. It’d take a while to get into my favorite artists and why, but that’s just a taste of what I’m into. As for SNSD, I don’t necessarily like them, but I don’t entirely dislike them either. They have potential to release good material; it’s just a matter of seeing if they will.

      haha, no no, I think Sunny is fine. She’s a funny girl. Talent-wise, she doesn’t impress me at all, so in that sense, I do take a few jabs at her for not bringing anything worthwile to the group. But that’s just me. :)

    • hahaha ~ it’s the very first photo I chose when I created this blog. Around the time I created McRoth’s Residence was around the same time You’re Beautiful first aired, and obviously I was a fan :P It’s also a really sweet picture of the three actors.

  7. Hi! I really like your blog– I remember stumbling across it back in 2010 because of your Bonamana review. And I used to check back periodically and then there was a period where you stopped posting reviews ): I only found out like a month ago it’s because you were writing for akp! Congratulations!

    I was wondering, do you have a formspring account or a tumblr account?

  8. I’m totally in love with you blog, I didn’t read everything yet but be sure that I will and keep an eyes on it ^_^

    • Ah, thanks! I came across your blog as I was skimming through Kpop tags on WordPress and I found it to be quite entertaining :P

      Will def stay in touch, and nice to meet you!

      • ^_^
        Nice to meet you too
        if you read something confusing just let me know, my brain doesn’t always work properly when I’m tired, the translation function tend to be defective when I’m sleepy ^^’

  9. HI :)) I do like your blog. given that I’m a K-Pop fan gives me a chance to actually know that some people do share the same opinion with me. God Bless :))

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